This product gently envelops your precious eyes and surrounding areas with steam pleasantly heated to around 40°C* for about 10 minutes. The thin mask fits snugly over hardworking eyes with steam to soothe away tension built up over the day and enhancing a deeply relaxed mood.

Available Unscented or in a choice of fragrances: Lavender-Sage, Chamomile-Ginger, Fresh Rose, and Fully Ripe citrus. All come in packs of 5s or 14s

The eye masks can relax you by gradually and pleasantly warming the eyes with gently steaming heat.

The eye mask heats in about two minutes after it is put on. Heating time varies slightly depending on the ambient temperature.

Pregnancy may cause sensitivity to various smells and other stimuli. Depending on your physical condition, warming the skin or the scent of the product may be an undesirable stimulus. We recommend that you consult your physician about using the product.

Swelling may occur when the steam generated is trapped inside the eye mask, for instance, if a used sheet is folded and left lying on an open surface, or when a sheet is used in low-pressure environments such as a plane cabin. This is no cause for alarm. The steam will dissipate in time, and the eye mask will not heat up or burst.

Please dispose of the product after the warmth has dissipated and the sheet has cooled.

Discard with general waste only in Australia and New Zealand.

MegRhythm is available at all good Asia, Japanese and Korean grocery outlets and specialist baby stores.

When you buy from a Kao nominated Authorized retailer, you can be certain products are genuine, Made In Japan and of the highest safety and quality standards, supported by our national MegRhythm care team.

Our MegRhythm care team is able to help you locate your nearest store on 1800 468 318 (Australia) or 0800 403 504 (New Zealand). Or alternatively, you can reach us on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.